Château Villemagne

Our wine making methods are artisanal.

We want the wines to be distinctive of this soil, made without artificial means and matured slowly in our cellars.
The oenologues have described then cleverly, detecting multiple aromas : truffles, grapefruit, jasmin, vanilla ...
They are powerful, generous, caractéristic.
The reds are made for a cuisine of Languedocian sauces rich in pepper, spices and local wild-herbs. They go splendidly with a casserole of wild boar and other wild game.
Our whites and rosé, the Gransol and Carthagene are made in the same spirit to accompany other delicious foods.
We practice a traditional agriculture, respectful of the environment and ensuring personally that our produce is heatthy and natural while guarding their authentic flavours.
Over 30 hectares of clay-limestone soil, of which 16 hectares is A.O.C., no less than nine grape varieties coexist at Villemagne, according to the
nature of the soils and the characteristic micro-climates of each parcel of land : Carignan, Syrah, Grenache noir, Cinsault, Merlot, Marsanne, Roussanne, Grenache blanc, Chardonnay.

Some of the vinyards are situed around Château Villemagne and the rest planted on a rocky plateau called "la Coque".
After the manual harvesting the wine is made in the Château cellars (Villemagne was in ancient times a gallo-romaine villa before becoming a possession of the abbey of Lagrasse).

At Château Villemagne our strength lies in being firmly rooted in the land. We are proud to continue the work of six generations of wine-makers.
We feel as responsible for the management of the estate as we do for each vine we nurture and every relic we find from past millenia. But our greatest passion is the day to day work in the vinyards and the cellars.


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